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Virgin Mary statue 'cries tears of blood' - Unexplained Mysteries
Virgin-Mary-Tear-Blood Hundreds of people have been flocking to Argentina to witness what some are calling a modern miracle. The figurine, which belongs to a family in the country's Salta province, attracted a great deal of attention after its owners revealed on a local radio station that it had been crying tears of blood.
'White Lady' spooks park visitors / 'Ghost' Video in Pub
Spooky-Tree-Ghost-VideoA tree in Durand-Eastman Park sports a ghostly visage thanks to the destructive effects of Mother Nature. The eerie human-like form however is particular fitting as the park has long been home to a 'White Lady' or 'Lady of the Lake' legend dating all the way back to the 19th century.
Japanese Urban Legends - Shirokiya Department Store Deaths - Underwear Mystery
Kimono-Undies In December 1932, the Shirokiya Department Store in Tokyo went up in flames. The fire tragically claimed the lives of 14 people. But the blaze is best remembered for the bizarre urban legend that surrounds the tragedy.
Strange 'Creature' photographed in garden at night
Strange-Garden-Creature A Reddit user has uploaded an image of what appears to be a strange figure running through a garden. The photograph is one of two images that were taken by a light-sensitive camera approximately two seconds apart. The earlier of the two pictures however didn't show anything unusual.
James Cameron finds 'evidence of Atlantis'
James-Cameron-AtlantisThe famed movie director has linked the discovery of bronze age anchors to the legend of Atlantis. Famously documented by the Greek philosopher Plato, Atlantis was said to be a continent situated in the middle of the Atlantic that was inhabited by a highly advanced and prosperous civilization.
Creepy Video of Corpse Of Girl ‘Opening Her Eyes’ St. Innocence
Corpse-Opening-Eye-Video video appearing to show the 300-year-old corpse of a young girl opening its eyes has got people just a little bit weirded out.According to legend, St Innocence was stabbed to death by her father when he found her performing First Communion with local nuns behind his back having previously forbidden her from practising Catholicism.
Lake Bodom Murders - Unexplained Mystery That We'll Never Solve
lake-bodom-murdersIn 1960, four teenagers, two 18 year old boys and two 15 year old girls were camping on the shores of Lake Bodom. In the early hours of June 5th, between 4am and 6am three of them were murdered with a knife and a blunt object, the fourth teenager, Nils Wilhelm Gustafsson was injured badly but survived.
'Sasquatch skull' discovered on Mars - Unexplained Mysteries
Mars-Sasquatch-SkullThe alleged skeletal artifact appeared following an 'enhancement' of an image from the Curiosity rover. The latest in a long line of strange objects spotted on the surface of the Red Planet by eagle-eyed anomaly hunters, this 'Sasquatch skull', which was picked up in a recent photograph sent back by NASA's Mars rover
Mysterious Stone Circles built 175000 years ago
bruniquel-cave-circlesMysterious structures found deep inside a French cave are the work of Neanderthal builders who lived in the region more than 100,000 years before modern humans set foot in Europe. The extraordinary constructions are made from nearly 400 stalagmites that have been yanked from the ground and stacked on top of one another to produce rudimentary walls on the damp cave floor.
OGOPOGO, The Canadian Lake Monster - Unexplained Mysteries
OgoPogo-MysteriesIn Canadian folklore, Ogopogo or Naitaka is a lake monster reported to live in Okanagan Lake, in British Columbia, Canada. Ogopogo has been allegedly seen by First Nations people since the 19th century.
Village of the Dead: Lake Anjikuni Mystery Disappearances
Lake-Angikuni-MysteryIn 1930, a newsman in The Pas, Manitoba, reported on a small Inuit village right off of Lake Anjikuni. The village had always welcomed the fur trappers who passed through occasionally. But in 1930 Joe Labelle, a fur trapper well known in the village, found that all the villagers had gone
Domovoi, the Hairy Old House Spirit and Household Goblin from Russia
Domovoi-Russian-SpiritA Domovoi is a house spirit in Russian folklore, usually making its living place at the threshold under the entrance, under a stove or in the attic. It is usually said to resemble a tiny, hairy old man, though it can sometimes take the appearance of the current or the former owner of the house.
Wendigo Legend - Cannibal Demon Spirit of the North
Wendigo-Cannibal-DemonIn Algonquian folklore, the wendigo or windigo is a cannibal monster or evil spirit native to the northern forests of the Atlantic Coast and Great Lakes Region of both the United States and Canada. The windigo may appear as a monster with some characteristics of a human, or as a spirit who has possessed a human being and made them become monstrous.
Scary Japanese Urban Legends : Japanese giant creature Kappa
Kappa-Japan-GhostKappa are Japanese flesh-eating water imps who live in rivers, lakes, ponds, and other watery realms. They smell like fish and are generally portrayed with the body of a tortoise, ape-like head, scaly limbs, long hair circling the skull, webbed feet and hands, and yellow-green skin.
800-Year-Old Mobile Phone Dug Up In Austria Proves Aliens
800-year-old-mobile-aliensUFO researchers believe planet earth was once visited by aliens because of an '800-year-old mobile phone that has been dug up in Austria
Haunted HellTown - Real Stories of Helltown Ghosts
Hell-Town-Ohio-GhostsHell Town – a dark, foreboding place where ghosts, cults, and serial killers lurk. An entire town, cursed and frighteningly dangerous after dark. What can you say about a place called Helltown?
Teenagers find 'alien eggs' in frozen lake
Alien-Eggs-VideoA strange video of alien eggs is kicking up a storm online, appearing to show a bizarre dark circle in the middle of a frozen lake.
The Vatican's time machine - The Chronovisor
Chronovisor-Time-MachineThe chronovisor was allegedly a functional time viewer described by Father Francois Brune in his 2002 book Le nouveau mystère du Vatican ('The Vatican’s New Mystery')
The legend of Hairy Hands of Devon - Haunted Horror
hairy-hands-of-devon The haunted road is the little travelled B3212 near Two Bridges. To this day, it remains one of the most mysterious places in England, and has been the scene for one of the most frightening hauntings in Dartmoor. The hauntings have been named 'the phantom hairy hands'
'Live pterosaur' filmed flying - Massive fish reeled in Japan
Live-Pterosaur-Huge-WoflFishResidents of Boise, Idaho, are baffled at the sight of a strange bird flying over their neighborhoods, capturing the attention of many. The creature looks to be a pterosaur, or pterodactyl as many know it by, despite being extinct. A video of the pterodactyl was uploaded to YouTube and quickly went viral. Hirasaka Hiroshi catches huge wolffish while fishing at Hokkaido island
Ghost of Queen Anne Boleyn - Most Famous Ghost from History
Anne-Boleyn-GhostThe ghost of Anne Boleyn is one of the most famous in England. She is claimed to haunt many different historical buildings. She often appears as a headless figure just as she does in the Blickling haunting. However, Blickling is unique in having not one, but two ghosts, who are related to each other.
Mysteries of The Fuente Magna of Pokotia Bolivia
Fuente-Magna Located at the Precious Metals Museum in La Paz Bolivia, they find the famous Fuente Magna bowl, a unique piece of ceramic that contains what some believe is one of the biggest secrets of ancient man kind. The Fuente Magna Bowl was discovered near Tiahuanaco and Lake Titicaca by a local farmer in the 1950’s
YOGTZE-Fall: The Unsolved Murder Mystery of Günther Stoll
YOGTZE_caseOne of Germany’s greatest unsolved murder mysteries is the bizarre case of Günther Stoll, a case otherwise known as YOGTZE-Fall. Stoll was an ordinary, unemployed food technician from Anzhausen in Germany. Well, maybe he was a little paranoid. He believed he was being stalked, and often talked about “them,” telling his wife that eventually “they” were going to kill him.
Maria Labo: The Creepy Tale Of The Legendary Aswang
Maria-Labo-Creepy-AswangMaria Labo was the name used to refer to the female vampire who came from Iloilo or Capiz (others suggest from Sorsogon). She was popularized by the story that she murdered her two sons and then cooked them. She was recognizable by her huge scar across her face, thus she got her name.
The Man With Two Faces - Angel And A Devil
Man-With-Two-FacesEdward Mordake who reportedly had an extra face on the back of his head. The duplicate face could neither eat nor speak out loud but was seen to "smile and sneer while Mordake was weeping."
America's First Serial Killer and his Murder Hotel - Story of H. H. Holmes
Americas-First-Serial-Killer Herman Webster Mudgett, was one of the first documented serial killers in the modern sense of the term. In Chicago at the time of the 1893 World’s Fair, Holmes opened a very strange hotel which he had designed and built for himself specifically with murder in mind.
Real Mythical Dragon Captured by Chinese Fisherman 2014 - Unexplained Mysteries
Real-Dragon-CaughtA fisherman in Inner Mongolia, China captured what looks like a real chinese dragon. The dragon has since been transported to Beijing for further studies. Chinese dragons are legendary creatures in Chinese mythology and Chinese folklore.

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Have you ever wondered about some (or may be many) weird unexplained mysteries in the Universe that were suddenly brought to our attention when we are totally unprepared to face such larger than life things? These unexplained mysteries and paranormal phenomenas that caused ripples in the society by their weirdness have disappeared all of a sudden at the same pace they struck us.

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metal-butterfly-ufoA young contortionist is captivating the Internet after he was filmed spinning his body around, but keeping his head facing forward.
Multiple UFOs filmed over Santiago, Chile
Chile-UFO-VideoFour unidentified objects were caught on camera over the Chilean capital
‘Metal Butterfly’ Spaceship UFO filmed
metal-butterfly-ufoA weird ‘metal butterfly’ which buzzed a father and son as they left a restaurant
Mermaid Sighting in Kiryat Yam, Israel
Mermaid-Video-IsraelThe mermaid was captured on camera sitting on rocks
Scary Video of walking 'devil doll'
Creepy-Walking-Doll-VideoA video of a creepy doll walking around like a real life Annabelle
Bizarre video showing MERMAN pulled from lake
Merman-Videohis incredible video appears to show the moment a MERMAN was pulled out from a lake
Ghost Cities Floating over China
floating-ghost-city-chinaIs this evidence of a parallel universe? Sightings of a 'floating city'
Two New 'Bigfoot' videos recorded
Two-New-Bigfoot-VideosNew video of a Bigfoot has emerged online, purportedly taken at Bluff Creek
UFO sighting: Video captures 10 white UFO spheres
UFO-Japan-VideoFootage has emerged showing a number of strange white objects moving over the port city of Osaka
'Ghostly figure' shows up in CCTV footage VIDEO
Ghost-CCTV-FootageEerie footage of a ghostly pirate figure in a Warrington night club has been leaked
NASA Shut Off Live Video Feed When Massive UFO Appeared
NASA-Live-UFO-FeedMany in the Truth movement no longer trust anything NASA says or does and here’s another example of why.
Lamb Born With Human-Like Face Terrifies Village in Russia
Lamb-with-human-faceAn unusual lamb has been found close to Dagestan, Russia with a face shaped like a human. Its like an an angry old man with a big nose
43 Dinosaur Egg Fossils Found In China
dino-egg-chinaForty-three huge dinosaur eggs were excavated in Guangdong Province on Monday afternoon.
Angel like spirit Caught on Camera [VIDEO] - Unexplained
angel-spirit-videoUnknown Winged Creature Caught on Camera - Video footage of what appears to be an Angel like spirit falling from the sky.
Creepy Demon Photo Captured In Hospital
Demon-On-BedThis picture was taken of a nurse's viewing monitor. On the monitor, this black figure appeared standing on top of the patient
Humanoid Alien caught Spying
Humanoid-On-Security-camera-Russiaat the perimeter of a secret military facility in Moscow, Russia, was captured on a security camera an almost invisible humanoid
Top Viral Ghost Videos of 2014
Top-Unexplained-Mysteries-2014Top Unexplained Mysteries of 2014 - Top Viral Ghost Videos of 2014
'Ghost of figure' caught on Camera
Stair-Ghost-VideoThis is the eerie footage which apparently captures the ghost of a 16th Century Tudor mansion.
Singapore fisherman catches Bizarre 'ALIEN' creature
Alien-Monster-Caught-Singapore A fisherman in Singapore reeled in a mystery creature straight out of a science fiction
Farmer Discovers Skull Resembling Werewolf
Bulgarian-Werewolf Trayche Draganov, claims to have found a box, chained shut, containing a werewolf-like skull
Farm Dogs Attack Alien Monster – Caught on Camera
Alien-Monster-Killed-By-Dogs"The Body" Alien Creature shot dead by a Colombian Farmer!

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