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Bizarre Video of walking 'devil doll' is too creepy - Unexplained Mysteries

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Creepy Walking Doll

Believed to have been recorded around few years ago, the video demonstrates an eerily life-like toy that is thought to have been originally designed to help teach young girls how to walk. With its strangely realistic movements and large black eyes, the creepy contraption was filmed in Saltillo, Mexico and was part of a series of toys known as 'Lily Lady'.

The freaky doll video actually first appeared online around two years ago but it's recently experienced a surge of viral traffic, sending the doll's soulless eyes and uncanny, teetering steps across the globe.

The video hails from Saltillo, Mexico, where the freaky doll actually has a pretty interesting back story: they were sold to help little kids walk with a 'buddy'; the doll comes with a mechanism that prompts it to walk when you hold its hand.
One commenter for The Mirror explained:

My sister had one in the 70s, they don't walk on their own and the legs are weighted so when you rock it from one side to the other it walks.

Maybe it's just a case of a well-meaning toy-maker accidentally creating something horrifying

Creepy Walking Doll Video

According to Antonio Lopez, the YouTube user who shared the video, the owner of the doll has had it in her possession for nearly 40 years.

Mexican newspaper Excelsior mentions that the doll could be from a series produced in the 70s and 80s called Lily Lady, that helped little girls learn to walk.

The video has been seen more than two million times and viewers have been sharing their opinions of it online.

annabelle creepy walking doll

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