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Humanoid Alien caught Spying on Russia Military base - Unexplained Mysteries

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbx-VTgNh_E#t=158

Russian Alien Spying

On March 7, 2014 at 22:30 pm at the perimeter of a secret military facility in Moscow, Russia, was captured on a security camera an almost invisible humanoid.

In the video shown by Channel TV Tercer Millennium Jaime Maussan, one can observe the presence of a humanoid appearance entity, which seems to swing suspended near the inner perimeter of the base.

The pictures you can see the shape of the mysterious invisible presence, documented by the camera at 22:30 of March 7, 2014 watch this video presented by journalist Jaime Maussan researchers.


Some of Youtube User Comments

If this video is real, this is incredible evidence. In reality, a lot of the so called 'aliens' are nothing more than paraphysical 'Ultraterrestrials', and or 'Cryptoterrestrials', native of Earth, yet belonging to a different cosmic scale than man. Humans seem to be the middle point between 'Animals' and 'gods' (UTs). Just like humans are like 'super-animals', UTs are like 'Super-men'. But more importantly, there's tons of circumstantial evidence that many of them are normally invisible to the naked eye, just like this 'critter'.

Sorry but this is a BS did you realized that someone has turn the camera to that so called another entities like someone who is filming the scene from aside. What kind of security camera make turns like that , focus on one side and then turn around and catch this another entities that is already almost gone Give me a break
Reply : The security guards are using a secondary camera to record the recording on their monitor.
Reply : yes you are right,... and there is another camera which capture camera that capture that camera, and there is additional two cameras which are secret cameras and belong to the spy guys who spy all cameras which capture one another. There is also reserved camera in case that one of the camera not working

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