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Home >'Ghost' runs through crowd at football game (VIDEO)


'Ghost' runs through crowd at football game (VIDEO)

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Stadium Ghost Video

'Ghost' runs through crowd at football game (VIDEO)

An unexplained shadow which appeared to run right through soccer fans at a game in Bolivia has left observers spooked. The human silhouette was captured moving through the bleachers during a Fox Sports live transmission of Bolivia's The Strongest versus Defensor Sporting, of Uruguay, in La Paz's Hernando Siles Stadium on Thursday. Observers noted the figure appears to go unnoticed by fans seemingly seated in its path.

Local media added that it moves curiously fast given the cramped seating in the stadium which allows only limited room. A number of people also took to social media where they claimed to identify a second shadow near the northern end of the stadium. But not everyone was convinced, with others quick to dismiss the apparent "ghost" as a reflection or double exposure of one of the players on the field. This is not the first time an unexplained phenomena has been recorded at the infamous Estadio Hernando Siles the city's oldest stadium. Whether it is true or not, nobody knows. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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