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Telekinetic girl prank video goes viral

Source :http://www.youtube.com

Telekinetic girl prank video

Telekinetic girl prank video goes viral

A video showing a girl throwing a man against a wall with her mental powers has been circulating the web.

In the video, a man in a coffee shop accidentally spills his drink over a young woman who is working on her computer. Turning on the culprit, she raises her hand in the air and the man is physically thrown backwards across the room and pinned against the wall. Horrified onlookers gasp in terror as the girl proceeds to slide all the tables across the room and then screams so hard that all the paintings fall off the walls.

Far from being a genuine recording of psychic phenomena however the video is actually a stunt set up to help promote the new remake of the movie Carrie based on the Stephen King novel. A special pulley system was rigged up to hoist the man in to the air while all the people sitting around the girl are actors. Only the hapless customers who witness the ordeal have no idea what is going on.

The stunt is the latest in a long line of convincing pranks that have left innocent bystanders shocked and confused. Some argue that stunts designed to scare people should be avoided due to the potential to give someone a heart attack while others dismiss such concerns, instead seeing them as little more than harmless pranks.The last thing you need to see when getting a coffee in the morning is a woman assaulting a man by pushing him up against the wall using the power of her mind.

But thatís what some customers at a US cafť thought they were witnessing when a young lady flipped out after someone had spilled coffee on her laptop. But it turned out the altercation wasnít real and actually a viral stunt for upcoming horror movie remake Carrie. That didnít stop it from being any less hilarious though, as the victims of the set-up reacted with both astonishment and fear when the woman seemed to have the power of telekinesis.

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