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Homeland Security camera records two UFOs in Puerto Rico VIDEO

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Homeland Security camera records two UFOs in Puerto Rico (VIDEO)

A video that was allegedly obtained from sources inside a Puerto Rican federal agency shows two UFOs over western Puerto Rico. The video was reportedly shot by an infrared camera aboard a Homeland Security helicopter in the Puerto Rican city of Aguadilla in the early morning hours of April 26, 2013. Researchers reportedly conferred with authorities from the Puerto Rico Joint Forces of Rapid Action (FURA), a division of the state police of Puerto Rico that coordinates operations between Puerto Rico police and U.S. federal agencies. These authorities confirmed that the UFO video was taken by a camera aboard a Black Hawk helicopter. The website asserts that “this proves that federal agencies in Puerto Rico have knowledge of the presence ovnis-extraterrestre and surveillance in the [hottest areas of] Puerto Rico are being monitored.”

This video was uploaded to YouTube by José Martínez, a member of the Puerto Rican Research Group. He explains that the video was shot by a helicopter from Rafael Hernandez International Airport, which was formerly a United States Air Force base called Ramey Air Force Base (This base was named after Brigadier General Howard Knox Ramey, and not after General Roger Ramey as some believe. Roger Ramey is the infamous general who announced to the world that what was recovered in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 was simply a weather balloon). Several federal agencies are currently housed at the Rafael Hernandez International Airport.

According to the website Historias Ufologicas en Puerto Rico y el Exterior, “In the video you can see how the object moves very quickly. In one part of the video you can see how the object is thrown to the sea at extreme speed,” and when it comes back out of the sea, there are “two objects on the screen.”

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