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Boy can twist his head around 180 degrees Exorcism-Style - VIDEO

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A young contortionist is captivating the Internet after he was filmed spinning his body around, but keeping his head facing forward.

The eerie neck-twisting stunt, reminiscent of the horror film "The Exorcist," was uploaded to YouTube on Christmas Day and has amassed more than 100,000 views as of Sunday morning.

"Say when," the boy tells the cameraman before quickly spinning his body in a 180-degree turn, all the while keeping his eyes locked on the camera as his head is firmly held in place by a man who's said to be his father.

The footage has proven quite popular since appearing online with Internet users offering explanations ranging from a frozen puddle of paint to a meteorite impact crater.

Some have even suggested that it could be some sort of viral marketing campaign. So far however no definitive explanation for the phenomenon has been found.

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He then repeats the act, this time doing it in slow motion.While the boy's trick is certainly head-spinning, it's not entirely clear if it's also spinning facts.

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Similar videos uploaded to YouTube show contortionists carefully bending their heads over their shoulders, but none so fast or at such an astounding angle.

One Russian contortionist who was featured on "Tarrant on TV" in 2006 was seen undergoing an X-ray after twisting his head around with the help of his hands. In that man's stunt, which included audible cracking of bones, his ability was blamed on an abnormal spine.

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