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Viewing video: BBC 3 Bullsh!t detectors exposes three mediums

Unexplained Mysteries - BBC 3 Bullsh!t detectors exposes three mediums

Very painful to watch. Three mediums are let loose in a chocolate factory with a totally made up story set in place, they totally get busted on this one and they all seem pretty happy about it to.

Mediumship is the term used to describe a form of communication with spirits. It is a practice in religious beliefs such as Spiritualism, Spiritism, Espiritismo, Candomblé, Louisiana Voodoo, Shambala and Umbanda. While the Western movements of Spiritualism and Spiritism account for most Western news-media exposure, a majority of African and African-diasporic traditions include mediumship as a central focus of religious practice. The existence of spirits (and subsequently the ability of people to communicate with them) is not supported by scientific consensus.

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